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The Perfect Recipe

At Brinkmann Media Group, we believe in just the right amount of everything. Sometimes videos can be cluttered with too much information, causing the viewer to tune out. Other videos can be vague, leaving the viewer scratching their head. We know how to write and produce a great product - and if you choose us, that is just what we will provide for you!

With over 28 years combined media production experience, Brinkmann Media Group provides professional video production services to our clients. As a family-owned, small business, we understand how to give our clients the personal attention they deserve. Let us help you design your next advertising campaign, corporate media package, or training video.

To see more from our reel, view our portfolio or visit our YouTube channel.


We LOVE to have a little FUN!

At Brinkmann Media, we are known for our fun (AKA: not boring) training and informational videos. Don't take our word for it, watch the Camp Silver Beach promo to the left :)

Also, check out our portfolio for more fun training videos- like those we created for the global corporation Maersk (Maersk likes to have fun too!)



We CAN be serious too :|

Not all advertising and marketing pieces should be quirky and fun. Some products or services need to be tastefully crafted, well-written, informative, and sometimes, emotional.


Don't take our word for it!
Ask our clients, like the
South Hampton Roads in Virginia.

~ Terri Reedy, VP of Marketing, YMCA

Our marketing strategies, which largely in part rely on quality television and radio advertising, has played a pivital role in educating the external consumer about our product - YMCA service! More importantly, the TV advertising was instrumental in stimulating the market and "driving" consumers to our front doors!

~ Robert Moss, VP Branch Development and Membership, YMCA

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend the YMCA of South Hampton Roads Membership Promotion Videos. Since employing our membership development program in 2002, the YMCA has realized a 92% increase in membership revenue, 52% increase in membership units, and a 111% increase in monthly bank draft. Currently we enjoy a 30,000 + unit membership base and annual membership revenue in excess of $19,000,000. I encourage you to consider the value of these media advertising materials - their cost is minimal considering the proven returns
on membership growth.

YMCA "Embrace Life"


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