At Brinkmann Media, we started Happy People Multimedia to meet the production needs of families and their special events. We specialize in documentary style wedding videos that tell the story of your perfect day from start to finish. Choose from a number of packages or style your own. Please call for updated pricing & remember, we will always negotiate our rates to meet your needs. All packages are shot in HD Video.  

•Filming - Entire ceremony, 2 hours of reception
•Crew - One camera operator
•Cameras - Two
•DVD (3) – The entire wedding ceremony and highlights from the reception ~ 1249

•Filming - Entire ceremony, 3 hours of reception.
•Crew - One camera operator
•Cameras - Two
•DVD (3)- A documentary style story, edited with music, graphics, and interviews with guests
This package is shot in documentary style and will capture your wedding day the way that you remember ~ 1549

•Filming - Entire ceremony, your reception, and the option of of filming the bride & groom getting ready, interviews, engagment pictures edited into the video, any other photos that you would like to include like childhood and dating photos, and the option of shooting your rehearsal dinner.
•Crew - Two camera operators
•Cameras - Two
•DVD (3)- A beautiful documentary style video with interviews and comments from guests. Give us pictures of your engagement, dating and rehearsal and we'll edit them into your video ~ 2149 +

~Just the wedding
- We will send a videographer to shoot your
wedding ceremony and add basic editing with a music intro and graphics.
~Just the reception - We will film your wedding reception highlights and add basic editing along with musical intros, interludes, and graphics.
~Interview - Consider sitting down for an filmed interview to
tell your love story. Family and friends are welcome too.
Create a lasting legacy to hand down for generations.
~Custom Music – Happy People will compose custom
music for your wedding video. Call us to discuss our
reasonable rates.

Brinkmann Media Group & Happy People Multimedia specialize in documentary style legacy videos. With the hectic culture that we live in today, sometimes we do not take the time to share our stories and explain our family histories to our children. Click here for more information >>
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